Content Management System


Dogan software group utilizes its dedicated team to develop a Content Management Software (CMS) which can design websites with the best methods. Our objective is to design professional websites with the appropriate features such as user-friendly templates, high security, fast, dynamic, responsive design as well as optimizing for search engines with the latest technology according to SEO principles.

 Our CMS enables customers all over the world to run and extend their applications according to their business needs. Users without programming skills can create their desired websites. 

Here are some features of our CMS:

  • To manage and customize web layout
  • To manage, remove and add pages
  • To manage, delete, add and edit menus
  • To manage, delete and edit news archive
  • To update, delete and edit article
  • Ability to manage, update, delete and edit the gallery
  • To replace graphical website layout with templates
  • Design and implementation of customized template
  • To manage, delete, add and edit products
  • To manage the sale of goods and services in the online store
  • To add special features according to customer needs
  • To the number of visitors with identifying the entry page, duraction, place and tracking IP addresses of visitors

Your benefits when using SmartPortal CMS

  1. High speed
  2. It allows users to build multiple language websites
  3. It provides information services based on the visitor’s language
  4. To define multiple templates for each user and categories
  5. To manage how to access information and resources for different applications
  6. To create addresses for each page in 6 different ways
  7. Coherent and flexible structure according to customer needs
  8. Pracctical short code structure (ShortCode)
  9. To replace a template with just one HTML file
  10. To define and create meta tags in all parts of the CMS
  11. Having an antivirus/ anti-hacking
  12. Having a SEO checker system
  13. Having two-stage removal system of information (no data loss) 
  14. To save visitor statistics and display internal data and use them in various sections
  15. To manage files without FTP and to change text files and images (limited number)
  16. To manage users and user levels
  17. Notification system for events and sending warning messages to the data center when necessary
  18. Transaction storage system (error/ critical error/ description)
  19. Access management system for users
  20. To manage all settings and customize the system according to the Website (Almost all parts of the software have their own preferences )
  21. To manage emails and SMS
  22. To define different types of forms, reports and charts
  23. Possible to have various wizards for data entry
  24. Various types of reports
  25. To export data as well as data entry using Excell files

Technical features of SmartPortal CMS

  • The whole content of your website can be totally modified without restrictions
  • HTML and  javascript
  • Run in 4
  • C#
  • Sql server 2008 R2
  • Dynamic design using Ajax
  • Compatible with all browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome
  • High speed page load