“CRM software is becoming an indispensable part of every business in this vying business scenario”. This statement is undoubtedly legitimate and stands true on the basis of the three key functionalities of CRM that make this wizardry occur.

Our CRM Software was built to be both flexible and customisable; regardless of the industry.  

Secure and reliable technology in line with the highest standards of engineering. Modern layout with intuitive navigation for your team.

An all-in-one solution with your selected CRM features. Always in line with your branding and including your desired integrations.
92% of support issues are solved within the same working day. We help you during the implementation process and with ongoing strategic support.

1. Contact management

This allows you to segment and organize contacts, gathering crucial customer data for use in marketing projects.

2. Customer opportunity management

Quantifying sales opportunities means that you can track down the type of customers most likely to convert.

3. Lead management

Identify your best customers based upon psychographic/demographics, making the management of leads far more accurate.

4. Reports and dashboards

View statistics by the use of customized dashboards and reports. Data is provided in real-time and can be accessed from any portal for use by sales and customer service personnel.

5. Customizable home screen

Look for a UI (user interface) that is adaptable and which will take care of all that you need within the home screen. Layouts needs to be able to be customized to suit your business needs.  Look for a system that is intuitive, resulting in a better rate of conversions.

6. Sales analytics

Make your future sales campaigns far more powerful by analyzing data from past projects.  You need a CRM which will collect data from all areas i.e. website traffic, social media, user polls etc.

7. Mobile CRM

An essential feature if you have staff working remotely or in the field. They will be able to access all CRM features, receive alerts and manage everything from one central location via their mobile phone or tablet.

8. Sales automation

You need to be able to automate the sales process, taking control of outgoing calls and follow ups, and data organization for effective campaign planning.  This frees up more employee time as many manual tasks will become part of the CRM automatic process.

9. Sales forecasting

Provides far more accurate benchmarks with regard to sales, comparing actual results to forecasts.  This way you can see if your sales team are on target and use this valuable data to fine-tune future campaigns.

10. Sales collaboration

Enable your key team members to collaborate and work together across all departments.  Do this well and sales results should improve.