Automotive Tracking

Technology is starting to play a significant role in the daily activities of a fleet manager. Fleet tracking GPS systems enable companies to start with a new and more efficient way of fleet management. Managing your fleet remotely via one single platform becomes the next best thing in the field of fleet management.


Minimize vehicle expenses by decreasing travel distances your sales representatives need to drive.

Save on fuel with real-time vehicle tracking and delivery optimization. 

Vehicle tracking leads to higher customer satisfaction with increased on-time delivery.

Make sure your construction materials are safe and on-site in time. Reduce vehicle maintenance by recognizing reckless drivers.

Share your live vehicle positions or visited zones that you used for marketing campaigns.


User and mobile friendly web dashboard to access and manage your fleet and reports.

Know instantly, with position updated almost every second, where your vehicles are with MyCarTracks vehicle tracking.

Travel back in time, check where your vehicles were directly on a map. And the best? We store your data forever.

Dive into track details, check speed or other parameters at every track's point and take actions.

The web dashboard's fleet setup helps you to create and manage your fleet in minutes. It's really easy.

Need to have multiple branch administrators or want to give access to your data with view rights? We can handle it.

Maximize vehicle uptimes on the road, be notified when your vehicles need to go to regular service checkups.

Specify geo zones that you can view on map, define actions and get analytic reports.

Get e-mail notification or let the system call your third-party URL on entering or leaving a geofence.

Meet innovation in vehicle tracking

You need GPS tracking hardware needed, setting up a fleet is just a matter of minutes. Vehicle tracking generates tons of valuable data. Our data analytics gives you the advantage to boost your business with the right decisions, optimize operations and get more jobs done. 

Minimize vehicle expenses by decreasing travel distances your sales representatives need to drive.